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Optimize Your Nutrition for Peak Performance

Whether you’re a dedicated athlete aiming to optimize performance, a runner looking to avoid injury, a college athlete home for the summer, a high school athlete in need of strategies for a challenging schedule ,or struggling to meet the high energy demands for an athlete, you are in the right place.

Begin Your Journey with Our Complete Nutrition Package

With our complete nutrition package, we will work together in a virtual 1-Hour Initial Nutrition Consultation and 3 follow-up sessions. Using Practice Better software allows us to work together seamlessly by tracking progress, manage tasks, and communicate effortlessly. Clients have access to supportive resources, ensuring you stay informed and motivated every step of the way. Our integrated approach will help you achieve your nutrition and performance goals efficiently and effectively.

In this Program, we will:
  • Begin with a Detailed Consultation: Explore your current nutrition intake, habits, and goals.
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans: Calculate your unique nutrition needs and provide tailored recommendations.
  • Implementation Strategies: Discuss actionable strategies for implementing nutritional changes to enhance performance and optimal fueling.
  • Goal Setting: Set 2-3 specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals in each session.
  • Ongoing Support: Enjoy continuous support and adjustments to your plan as needed.
  • Resource Library: Access an extensive library of articles, recipes, and meal plans to support your journey.
  • Progress Tracking: Use our software to monitor your progress with regular check-ins and adjustments.
  • Interactive Tools: Benefit from interactive tools like meal planners, grocery lists, and nutrient trackers.
Working with Alayna, Performance Dietitian

With 10 years of experience as a dietitian, Alayna’s approach is highly individualized and personalized, aimed at helping you comprehend your body’s unique nutrient requirements to achieve your goals. She assists you in crafting a realistic and tailored plan that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Let’s get started!


Quick Start  Nutrition Session: Optimize Your Intake in 30 Minutes

Try a 30-Minute Quick Start Mini Session if you aren’t ready for the Complete Nutrition Package. Quick Start Sessions are created for athletes who aren’t quite ready for the Complete Nutrition Program, but looking for a nutrition tune up. In one of these sessions, you will receive immediate direction with 2-3 direct action steps based on your most immediate need.

Pick from One of Four Quick Start Topics: General Sports Performance Session, Seasonal Sport Session, Eating for Injury Session, and Preventative Anti-Inflammatory Session.

General Sports Performance Session:

+Perfect for athletes seeking quick action steps to optimize their intake and support their training. This 30-minute mini-session offers valuable insights on meal and snack timing, ideal food choices before and after training, and effective recovery strategies to elevate your performance.

Seasonal Sport Session:

+Catered for athletes getting ready for a new sports season, this mini session provides tailored guidance designed to match your sport, school schedule, and lifestyle. In this 30-minute session, athletes will receive general guidance on nutrition for your sport and season. Let us assist you in launching your season with a roadmap for success, ensuring your performance is optimized and your goals are within reach.

Eating for Injury Session:

+Catered specifically to athletes in the recovery phase, our mini session program offers a 30-minute session focused on optimal healing through nutrition. Participants will gain valuable insights on incorporating healing foods into their diet, accelerating their recovery and paving the way for a swift return to the game.

Preventative Anti-Inflammatory Session:

+Tailored for proactive athletes aiming to prevent injuries, reduce inflammation, and maintain optimal health for their sport, our 30-minute mini session offers invaluable insights. Athletes will discover the right foods to incorporate, enhancing immunity, and preventing injuries.

Alayna’s approach is highly individualized and personalized, aimed at helping you comprehend your body’s unique nutrient requirements to achieve your goals. She assists you in crafting a realistic and tailored plan that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Quick Start Sessions Start at $45.


Client Love

“Alayna was excellent to work with! She was very knowledgeable and relatable, having been an athlete herself. She provided our athletes with the tools, and resources to fuel themselves for maximum performance on and off the field!”

Brittney Fauss-Johnson, Lucky Lax Club Program Director, Former D1 Lacrosse Athlete

“Alayna was awesome, informative, and relatable to our girls when working with our program. She set up individual meetings with each athlete, to help them learn and achieve their specific goals and needs!”

Morgan Stephens, UMBC Women’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach, Former D1 and USA National Lacrosse Team Athlete

“Our Loyola Women’s Lacrosse program has had a great experience working with Alayna and All-American Nutrition. She has empowered our athletes to build healthy eating habits and think about how they are fueling their bodies. Alayna is extremely knowledgeable, professional and connected to the demands of being a student-athlete at the collegiate level. She is friendly, approachable and has built instant credibility amongst our athletes.”

Jen Adams, Loyola Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach

“Our team had a great experience working with Alayna and All American Nutrition. She was really able to connect and relate to our student athletes and explain what choices they have when it comes to fueling their bodies. She kept the team engaged and was very knowledgeable about the subject matter.”

Brian Reese, Maryvale Prep Lacrosse Coach and Assistant Athletic Director

“FCA Girls Lacrosse Club has had an awesome experience with Alayna All-American Sports Nutrition. Alayna worked with our athletes on a three part series from hydration, food performance, and recovery all the components that an athlete NEEDS to fuel their body. She has helped to truly empower our girls to see the importance and role nutrition plays in our performance. We are truly grateful for her!”

Robyn McCormick, FCA Girls Lacrosse Club Director