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Back to School One-on-One Nutrition Program

This 4-week program is for student-athletes who are looking for support with their nutrition habits for the new school year.

Program Goals

+ Deep dive assessment into energy and nutrient needs
+ Individualized nutrition plan to support training, recovery, performance, and longevity
+ Education on how nutrition impacts performance, recovery, and health
+Detailed guidance on eating habits, schedule, and lifestyle
+ Weekly sessions to track progress and set goals

Together, we will:

Dive deep in to your personalized nutrition needs, customize nutrients recommendations, and create a plan and strategies that will support your success for the 2023 school year.

It is time to take action and focus on fueling properly.

In 4-weeks, we will:

+ Begin with a detailed consultation to learn about your current nutrition intake, habits, and goals.
+ Discuss personalized nutrition need and recommendations
+ Discuss strategies for implementation of nutritional changes for improved performance and optimal fueling
+Have weekly check-in calls to track progress and build on previous weeks goals
+ Goal setting

Alayna’s approach is individualized and personalized to help you understand your body’s nutrient needs in order to reach your goals, and help you create a realistic plan that works for you.

Work with me to get started on fueling right for the 2023 school year.

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Client Love

“Alayna was excellent to work with! She was very knowledgeable and relatable, having been an athlete herself. She provided our athletes with the tools, and resources to fuel themselves for maximum performance on and off the field!”

Brittney Fauss-Johnson, Lucky Lax Club Program Director, Former D1 Lacrosse Athlete

“Alayna was awesome, informative, and relatable to our girls when working with our program. She set up individual meetings with each athlete, to help them learn and achieve their specific goals and needs!”

Morgan Stephens, UMBC Women’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach, Former D1 and USA National Lacrosse Team Athlete

“Our Loyola Women’s Lacrosse program has had a great experience working with Alayna and All-American Nutrition. She has empowered our athletes to build healthy eating habits and think about how they are fueling their bodies. Alayna is extremely knowledgeable, professional and connected to the demands of being a student-athlete at the collegiate level. She is friendly, approachable and has built instant credibility amongst our athletes.”

Jen Adams, Loyola Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach

“Our team had a great experience working with Alayna and All American Nutrition. She was really able to connect and relate to our student athletes and explain what choices they have when it comes to fueling their bodies. She kept the team engaged and was very knowledgeable about the subject matter.”

Brian Reese, Maryvale Prep Lacrosse Coach and Assistant Athletic Director